After the recent floods, Kerala has suffered a huge loss and thousands of people have lost their homes. One of the major downside to residing in these locations is the threat of water ingress. Many of Kerala most picturesque towns and villages have appeared on the news as possessions are lost, homes ruined and lives put in danger by flooding.
Keeping all this in mind we could claim that an ideal method of keeping your household safe is never to build in a flood zone, but with such competition for land, it’s something we are going to have to learn to cope up with.

1)Have A strong Foundation
If you’re planning on building your home in a flood zone, always keep in mind to have a strong foundation. The stronger the foundation the stronger your home will be,it can provide support for your home over loose soil or floods, thus keeping your house stable. Most importantly consider incorporating a flood drain-off point that helps in drainage of flood waters.

2) The Type of wood to be used
Some materials used to build houses are more resistant to moisture than others and interior designers know well which are the ones best to renovate homes in flood zones. While renovating homes it’s better to avoid furnitures and doors build with timber wood, as they cannot withstand prolonged immersion in water. Choosing materials that are more suited for contact with floodwaters is what the ultimate aim must be.

3) Insulation That are Moisture-Resistant
Electrical components are the most essential necessity to be taken care of while renovating a home. Professional electricians consider everything from closed cell to plastic insulations which are pretty much water-resistant and are preferable for flood zones. Hiring a professional electrician in kochi can help you with the different types of insulation that are suitable for you flood zone homes.

Given the potential cost and complexity of renovating a home in a flood zone, it would be well-advised to consult interior design professionals with experience in this area before embarking on such a project. Interior designers like HJ Ventures offers special rates for renovating flood affected homes and are capable of building up your dream project from a disaster struck space. Visit The HJ Ventures website or contact us today for a full professional renovation and interior design of your flood affected home, all that at a very reasonable price.