If you’re planning to build a new house or renovate your old home, there are a few things to keep in mind before you do so. Putting together a wonderful space is much harder than most of us think before you begin with renovation or designing your old home, you’ll need to do a lot of study about things like hiring professional interior designers or resources. Though you may have a vague notion of how your home should look like, you must be able to convey those ideas to a professional home designer.

1) Never Follow A Trend, Always Go For What You Like
By definition; Trends are somethings that develop or change quickly. In other words trends come and go, their just not consistent and there will surely be something much better than the current trend. Always choose what you love for your home and how you’d want to see it because in the end it’s for you, to satisfy your needs. Therefore always be sure to convey just how you;d love the house to be to an interior designer, the ultimate aim should be to make permanent the lifestyle you have and enjoy the warmth and nostalgia of your space.

2) Research And Make A Budget
Before you even come up with a solid concept for your home, you would need at least a general idea of what you want – modern, traditional, contemporary, eclectic or something else? What you have to know is that different ideas come’s with different price tags. Talk to your interior designers about your plan and together find ways to get exactly what you want without breaking the bank. Thus stun your guests with beautiful home interiors without actually leaving a hole in your pocket.

3) Make Sure Your Space Face The Right Direction
A common mistake is simply not having any ideas about where to have your windows and doors facing, which is likely to result in a very sweaty summer and cold temperature in winter.
Of course, the importance of windows and door alignment varies depending on which part of Kerala you live in. Most places have heavy rain all during the season whereas some are sunny, professional interior designers are well experienced and thus they know well on various alignments. therefore it is always best to hire a professional interior decorator and let them have it all done for you.

4) Never Stuff Your Room With Furniture
Never have oversized furniture for smaller living rooms, some pieces of large furniture are comfortable, but they will easily overwhelm the entire room. Space which is overcrowded will lead to restlessness, enough free space will surely make the room feel much larger, you can walk around without your feet hitting on any corners. When designing your space professional interior decorators will always keep in mind to leave a little extra space. They understand that the key is to leave the right amount of space for other activities in the room so that it may appear spacious and large.

When you’re not sure where to start with a design, which most of us are, bringing in an expert interior designer may save you from the trouble. Sometimes it can guide you all the way back to the fundamentals, and even teach you a thing or two. With that in mind, feel free to contact any one of our interior design specialists through our website, or come into the store and let’s have a chat on your dream project.